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One 2 Ka 4 - Der Babysitter-Cop (2001)

IMDb 5 Genres:

Javed Abbas (Jackie Shroff) und Arun Verma (Shahrukh Khan) arbeiten für ein Spezialkommando der Polizei. Privat sind die beiden eng befreundet. Javed, ein Vater von vier Kindern, ist für den jüngeren Arun, ein Dauer-Single, wie eine Vaterfigur. Die Kids können den Schnösel dennoch nicht leiden. Eines Tages sind die beiden Cops wieder einmal dem Drogenbaron Krishan Kant Virmani alias KKV (Nirmal Pandey) auf den Fersen. Dabei wird Javed von einem Mann erschossen, der anscheinend selbst ein Cop ist. Wer war es? Und was wird aus Javeds Kindern? Arun wird zu ihrem Ersatzvater, hat es aber schwer, ihr Vertrauen zu gewinnen. Deshalb holt er sich Hilfe in der Person von Geeta Choudhary (Juhi Ch...

Lajja (2001) 360p

IMDb 7 Genres:

Vaidehi (Manisha Koirala) gets married to Raghuvir (Jackie Shroff), an NRI. Suffering the agony of an unhappy marriage, she decides to run away from him when she learns that she is pregnant and he wants to take the child away from her. In her pursuit for freedom, she meets Mythili (Mahima Chaudhury) a bride-to-be, Janaki (Madhuri Dixit) a theatre artist and Ramdulari (Rekha) a village midwife - all of whom are victims of male chauvinism. They however refuse to be put down and fight for their rights.

Buslinie 12 B - Was Wäre Wenn (2001)

IMDb 7 Genres:

Unemployed Shakthi Singh lives a poor lifestyle along with his widowed and ailing mother and a sister. His mother falls ill and gets admitted in hospital. While on his way to an interview with HSBC, Shakthi sees a beautiful girl, gets distracted and misses his bus - route No.12B. As a result he misses the interview, and ends up getting employed as a Garage Mechanic with Madan, his friend. He does meet with the same girl, gets to know her name is Jyotika, who lives a wealthy lifestyle with her mother, Sulo, while her dad is away on business. Both continue meeting not aware that her marriage has been arranged with Pratap. This story also depicts the possibility of Shakthi catching the 12B on t...

American Desi (2001)

IMDb 7 Genres:

College freshman Krishna Reddy, who has never cared for his Indian-American cultural heritage, looks forward to a new life on campus but is surprised to find that he has been assigned Indian roommates. Through his new experiences, he struggles to understand the side of himself he has always turned his back on in order to fit in.